2017 4-Day Revival & Homecoming Celebration

October 26-29, 2017

Thur – Sat 7 p.m.

Sun at 11 a.m. with Lunch Following/

Homecoming Celebration

Pastors John & Vicky Rawdon


Apostle Rodney Fontaine

Brother Rodney Fontaine married Cynthia Johnson on July the 10th, 1976. Brother Fontaine became a born again Christian on April the 8th, 1978. He and his wife have been married for 39 yea

s and have three sons. Each of their sons are married. The Fontaine’s have 10 grandchildren, 7 grandsons and one beautiful little granddaughter and two grandbabies in heaven that they will see one day.

The Fontaine’s have been in ministry since 1980 and have served as pastors, evangelists, missionaries, Bible College teachers, Bible College Dean at Blue Ridge Bible College in Rocky Mount, Virginia.

Brother Fontaine has a Bachelor’s in Christian Education from El Shaddai Theological Seminary and he is a certified Seminary Instructor from the same seminary. He is currently working on his Master’s from Destiny School of Ministry in Pontiac, Michigan.

Brother Fontaine is presently the Founder and Sr. Pastor of New Covenant Community Church in Lithia, Florida and the Founder of Compassion Counseling Centers which is a suicide prevention counseling service, marriage counseling, parenting counseling and grief counseling ministry focused on helping people both young and older realize that their life is valuable to God.

As a missionary and an evangelist the Fontaine’s have seen many, many miracles and healings both at home and abroad. They have seen cleft paletes healed instantly, blind eyes and deaf ears open and on one occasion a dead baby was raised from the dead.

Brother Fontaine provides aporstolic covering for nearly 300 churches in southwest China. He provides the apostolic covering for churches here in the US as well. Brother and Sister Fontaine specialize in marriage seminars and Brother Fontaine enjoys holding leadership trainings in local churches. Brother Fontaine has authored three booklets titled He Knew Me, which deals with God’s foreknowledge of us and His plan for our lives before we were even born, The Simple Truth, a book that teaches simple truths that God has not changed His mind about even though our society today has embraced these things, such as homosexuality, divorce, etc. and lastly, I’m Saved, What’s Next, a book for new believer’s that teaches the seven most important things any new convert needs to know immediately after becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. Brother Rodney is presently working on two new books titled the, The Condition Book and The Testator. The condition Book shows that every promise in the Bible is accompanied by a condition with the exception of the Love of God and the Testator is a book that explains exactly who Jesus really was and who He really is to the body of Christ and the world.

Tim Wilcox

Tim is from West Haven, CT and was raised in the NYC Metropolitan area in Westchester County, NY.  Tim attended Blue Ridge Bible College in Rocky Mount, VA and West Virginia University.

Tim currently attends Good Shepherd Ministries in West Haven, CT.

Tim is a passionate watchman and strong in apologetic’s defending the truth of the word of God.

Peter Kasbaum

In his early 20’s the Lord set Peter’s life apart and gave him a prophetic message that was for an appointed time. The Lord called Peter as Habakkuk to write the message and make it plain and though the vision tarry, wait for it. The waiting turned into forgetting as many years passed by. Recently through a series of divine events the Lord called Peter out of the wilderness. He called Peter to remember again the vision, for now is that appointed time.  The revelations given Peter nearly 30 years ago is the Fear of the lord and the role this will play to prepare the earth of His return.  In obedience to “write the vision” the book “The Biography of a Backslider” was written. Currently Peter is living in Virginia with his wife of 26 years and his 5 daughters.  Peter attended Blue Ridge Bible College in Rocky Mount, VA

David Lane

David is from Midlothian VA and attended Blue Ridge Bible College in Rocky Mount, VA. While in Bible College, David met his wife of nearly 27 years, Esther (Woods) Lane. They have 4 beautiful children: Jacob (age 25), Elizabeth (age 23), Josiah (age 22), and Rachel (age 17). All four are walking with the LORD, and one is currently a student at Emanuel College, in Franklin Springs, GA.

David attends Redemption Outreach Center, under Doctor Chuck Crocker.

David has a passion for revival, and his message has been lauded by people of all walks of life as “simple enough for laymen to understand, yet so filled with passion that when he stops speaking, there’s never a dry eye.”