Kim Staggs Interview with Dr. June Knight

Dr. June Knight

Interview with

Sister Kim Staggs

From HELL & Homosexual to Heaven & Freedom!

Sweet Water House of Prayer

Hohenwald, TN

January 1, 2017

Dr. June Knight sat down with Kim Staggs at her home church of Sweet Water House of Prayer. She told the brave story of a woman who was raised in a violent atmosphere and the sexual advances men had in her life. She talked about the men who took her innocence and robbed her of understanding love from a man; which resulted in never understanding her true identity as a woman of God. She talked about growing up truly believing that she was “born this way” and explained how she always had “male tendancies”. She explained how she was always a tom-boy and just accepted the fact that she was meant to live a life of homosexuality. It wasn’t until she got deep into despair and at the end of her ropes when her life was plummeting into Hell. She was walking around her house although her spirit was plunging into outer-darkness. She knew any minute she was going to fall over dead and her body would meet up with the spirit. As a last attempt she called a spirit-filled woman and cried, “Help me, I’m dying.” The woman said, “Scream out JESUS!” When she did….(you’ll have to hear her tell it…it’s truly amazing!)

She’s always lived in Hohenwald, Tennessee. She now serves her church faithfully and lives to tell the story of hope, restoration and love to others!

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