Our Pastors Interview with Dr. June Knight, WATB.tv

Dr. June Knight

Interview with

Pastors John & Vicky Rawdon

Sweet Water House of Prayer

Hohenwald, TN

January 1, 2017

About Pastor John:

Pastor John has preached for many years before he began the work at Sweet Water House of Prayer in Hohenwald, TN six years ago.  Hear the life story and vision of an amazing man.

Pastor John Rawdon was raised in Oak Grove, a small farming community on the Buffalo river in Lewis Co. Tn.   He accepted Jesus into his heart at age 10 and went wild telling almost everyone he met about the saving grace of Jesus.  By the time he reached age 12 he knew he was called to preach but would not preach his first public sermon until he was age 17.  Although he preached in many places around the country, lived in South Texas on the Mexico border and did missionary work in Mexico, after that pastored a church in Colorado, it was in July 2010 that The Lord made a way for he and his wife Vicky to start a church in a friends dining room with another couple.  Now over six years later he loves what he does as Senior Pastor of Sweet Water House of Prayer and is very excited about what The Lord has on the horizon.

About Vicky Rawdon:

Vicky Rawdon was born in China of a Tennessee dad & southeast Asian Portuguese mom.  She grew up traveling to many countries like Japan, Colombia, South America & Hong Kong. She worked as a secretary in Hong Kong before coming to & graduating from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and going on to teach In public schools across Tennessee for 20 years. Vicky has been serving the Lord since March, 1971, following a radical encounter with Jesus and deliverance from the drug and hippie culture of that time.

She is also a graduate of School of Ministry in Draffensville, KY, with an associate degree in ministry and has been teaching and preaching since 1974. She was widowed suddenly in 1990, when her husband died in a private plane crash while preparing for missionary aviation.  She had two children at home and one in college.

In 1992, Vicky & John Rawdon were married and started their adventures in ministry and life, including jail ministry for five years, missions in Mexico for ten years, two years helping a church in Colorado, dialysis in 2005 for three years, a successful kidney transplant in 2008, tuberculosis of the spine with treatment for three years, and founding Sweetwater House of Prayer in 2012.

Vicky has a counseling and deliverance ministry, as well as teaching in the church. Recently she started a School of Ministry and a support group for recovering addicts. Two of her visions is to have a coffee house for public ministry that would serve free sandwiches & soup & minister to the needy and a Spirit filled treatment center for recovering addicts.

John and Vicky homeschooled two of their three kids. Forest, the oldest, is a corporate lawyer. Nathan is a trauma surgeon, and Maria is a physicians assistant. They have four grandchildren: Dainan, Ethan, Lana & Nolan & one on the way.

After serving Jesus over 45 years through many mountain tops and valleys, she loves to declare, “The joy of the Lord is my strength!”

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