Praying Psalms 91

Written by Pastor John Rawdon

Praying Psalms 91

Lord I choose to dwell in the secret place of the Most High and from that vantage point I will always remain stable and fixed under the shadow of The Almighty, a power and a force that no foe can withstand. Now Lord I say of you, You Lord God are my Refuge and You are my Fortress, You are my God and on You I lean and rely and in You I confidently place all my trust.

Now that I have made these choices and these statements from my heart I know that You deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from every deadly pestilence. Lord I know that I am covered by your pinions and under Your wings I have total trust and I find refuge.  Lord Jesus Your Truth and Your Faithfulness are my shield and my buckler.

Lord because I have made the choice to abide in the secret place of the Most High and make these declarations with my mouth, I am not afraid of  terror of the night nor of the evil plots and slanders of the wicked.  I have no fear or dread or worry of the pestilence that stalks in the darkness.  I am not at all fearful of the destruction and sudden death that surprise and lay waste at noonday.  I absolutely have no fear nor any dread, worry or anxiety about anything. A thousand of my enemies may fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand but it never comes near me. I am only a spectator because while I am dwelling in the secret place of my God I am inaccessible while I witness the reward of the wicked.

Because I have chosen to make the Lord my Refuge and the Most High my dwelling place there shall no evil befall me nor any plague or calamity come near my house. While I dwell in the secret place, the Lord will give His angels especial charge over me to accompany me and to defend me and to preserve me in all my ways of obedience and service. The angels assigned to me will bear me up on their hands lest I should dash my foot against a stone.  I will tread upon the lion and the adder, the young lion and the serpent will I trample underfoot.  I am always above and never beneath.

Because I have set my love upon the Lord, He will deliver me, the Lord will set me on high, because I know His name, I have a personal knowledge of His mercy, love and kindness.  I trust and rely on the Lord, knowing He will never leave me, he will never forsake me.  No never!  I call upon the Lord and He answers me, the Lord is always with me in trouble and He always delivers me and honors me.  With a long, happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous life He is satisfying me and showing me His salvation.